Bereavement Care

Bereavement Care One of the best features of hospice care is that it doesn’t stop after the patient dies. In fact, bereavement care might be one of the most important services we provide. After a patient dies, the family has access to a grief counselor for the following 12 months. This service is provided by a trained team of clergy and grief specialists who are experienced in helping families deal with the emotional struggles of losing a loved one.

Bereavement care can come in many forms based on the unique needs of the family. One on one sessions, group meetings, book recommendations, monthly newsletters, and other techniques can all be used to guide a family through grief. The bereavement assessment process will often begin before the patient passes. When things take a turn for the worst and it appears the patient doesn’t have much time left, the hospice team can talk with the family about what’s happening and facilitate the hard conversations that need to take place.

There’s no right way to grieve after losing a family member, and we want to help you through whatever this process may look like for you.