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Even for those in relatively good health, doctor’s visits can still be nerve-wracking. “White coat syndrome” — appointment-induced anxiety — has been shown to spike a patient’s blood pressure far above what would be considered an accurate reading. Compound these jitters with receiving life-changing feedback and this can make properly digesting a doctor’s explanations and recommendations quite a feat. Fortunately, one mobile device application is taking the stress out of taking accurate notes — Abridge.

How Does it Work?

Abridge is a mobile device application available for free for iOS and Android operating systems. During a doctor’s appointment, a patient, caregiver, or anyone accompanying the patient can open the application and begin recording the doctor’s feedback and answers. This application wouldn’t be very groundbreaking if it were just another audio recording, though. To best serve patients and those caring for them, Abridge also automatically transcribes the conversation, accurately capturing details specific to the healthcare field. Standard transcription services often mistranscribe these anatomical, medicinal, and disease-based terms. Once the appointment is over, the app user only needs to tap the same button they used to start recording, and the program begins to transcribe the conversation automatically. If the app-user so chooses, they can enter additional appointment details and email the discussion and/or transcription anywhere they like directly from the application.

Why Use Abridge?

Even if we’re naturally scatterbrained individuals, when a medical professional is giving us feedback concerning our condition, we strive to be all ears. Despite some of our best efforts, many of us may mishear information or focus on specific details over others. This mishearing may result in missing suggested recommendations, feedback on conditions, or undue anxiety because of miscommunication.

The Importance of Accurate Notes

Sometimes in life, our minds have a funny way of allowing us to “mishear” what is plainly said. Anxiety can cause us to focus on negative feedback disproportionately. Denial can cause us to miss specific details. A patient with their loved one can sit in on the same doctor’s visit, and both claim they heard a report opposite to that of the other person. An accurately transcribed recording of the doctor’s feedback can be immensely helpful for those in emotionally charged medical situations.

Easy Coordination of Care

Most of us who end up needing medical treatment will likely not receive this care from one source or a single individual. A doctor may diagnose an ailment and prescribe therapy or medicine. The visit will need to be covered by a health insurance provider. A prescription will need to be filled by a pharmacy. A nurse may require specific care instructions. If the patient is experiencing dementia, the amount of information a caregiver needs to coordinate alone can be a significant source of anxiety. Proper recording and transcription of doctor and nurse feedback can help caregivers arrange the type of care a beloved patient may need.

If you would like to learn more about Abridge and download the totally free application on your mobile device, proceed to to sign up today.

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