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Lack of Communication About Death

For being one of the most crucial things someone can discuss with loved ones, death is also a topic that few want to discuss. Because of this hesitancy, most people’s last wishes remain a mystery even to close family members. Some simply never take the time to even consider how they want to pass away or how they want to be remembered. In order to bring up the 800-pound gorilla in the room, a new initiative called “Death Over Dinner” has people talking — literally, that’s their goal.

Death Over Dinner

The Death Over Dinner initiative’s aim is to get people to discuss death in an open, relaxed environment — over a meal with friends, family, and whomever else. The program begins with a questionnaire on their website which decides what information is best for them to send the host of the dinner. The program contains conversation prompts, stories, videos, and other activities to keep the conversation flowing. It’s designed to be a balance of deep, yet lighthearted and educational.

The Point of Death Over Dinner

While the aim of the dinner is simply to help people feel more comfortable discussing death, a slight ulterior aim is to eventually help people make decisions about their own death and articulate them to loved ones. Aside from having to face their own mortality, these questions are much easier for a person to answer about their own wishes rather than having to make these wishes for others.

For those interested in hosting a Death Over Dinner at their house, simple visit the Death Over Dinner website and begin your questionnaire.

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